With over 50 years combined experience in animal care and kennels, you can be sure your pets are in good hands.

Our staff is comprised of a manager and assistant manager with over 50 years combined experience in animal care and kennels.  We also employ support staff that are held to the highest of standards, and trained appropriately in the care of animals.  Owned by a veterinarian and his wife (also experienced in the kenneling of animals), we are able to offer the sort of attention to your pet’s wellbeing that you provide at home.  During business hours, Affordable Care Veterinary Clinic will provide routine veterinary care for pet’s staying at Barksburgh.  If you prefer a different veterinarian in the case of illness, please provide the name and number of the practice we should consult regarding your pet.  After-hours emergency will be handled by PVS-EC exclusively.

Marian HawnManager
“I want you to know that Barksburgh is a place where your little furry family members will get outstanding care. You can be worry-free knowing the care of your pets is in knowledgeable hands.”

My parents shared stories of me refusing to go in my stroller unless the family dog, Buttons, our Boston Terrier, was put in first. Then I became horse crazy, and with my wonderful parents indulging me, showed several Arabian horses to championships and high points. I was working at horse farms, training horses and giving riding lessons at 18 years old. In between all that, I’ve had everything from pet skunks to a goat who would ride in my car with me.We also raised pygmy hedgehogs and sugar gliders.

My love for animals took me to attend dog grooming school. I have also worked at several veterinary clinics grooming, kennels, and dog training facilities. I was the President of the Dogmatics, a precision K-9 drill team, doing events in parades, senior facilities, and visiting hospitalized children.

My family these days consists of two great kids, Alec and Amelia. Our dogs, Ivy, Wilson and Otys. Our ‘Angel’ fosters, Lilac, Winnie and Lt Dan. Our cats: Chloe, Rocky, Dash, Gordon, Hey Mickey and Damn Brother. And, my wonderful husband, Jeff, who has put up with 63 foster pets at our home!

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